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Incredible 11-Year-Old Saves Life of Man Twice His Weight From Drowning

11-Year-Old Advaik Nandikotkur has been hailed a hero as he swam to the bottom of his apartment complex swimming pool saving the life of an unconscious 34-year-old man.

The 170 pound man (who is not being identified) wandered in the deep end then became unresponsive. After noticing the man floating with his mouth wide open and hands stretched out, Advaik's Mother called for help, however the nine men surrounding the pool were unable to swim.

Having confidence in her son who had recently completed a swim class, Advaik's mother encouraged him to jump in. "I saw him go to the bottom of the pool and collect rings and come up. That just flashed in my mind," she said. "Advaik understood the situation. There was an emergency."

Despite initially thinking the man would be too heavy to save, Advaik, without any hesitatation jumped in. Swimming to the bottom of the pool, he grabbed the man's wrist, and pulled him to the surface. Advaik's uncle and other adults then pulled the man out to administer CPR.

"This kid is pretty amazing," the Eagan Police Department wrote on Twitter.

The man has since made a full recovery.

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