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Amazing Grandfather Knits Dolls to Restore the Confidence of Children Suffering from Vitiligo


Vitiligo, a rare skin disorder affecting 1 percent of the population worldwide can affect any area of the skin from the back of the hands to the feet.

Caused by the lack of melanin in the skin called 'melanocytes', which gives your skin its colour, vitiligo varies from person to person with the average age of onset being in the mid-twenties and can result in a loss of confidence and low self-esteem.

Beginning to show signs of vitiligo at 38, João Stanganelli, now 64, began using the art of crocheting after being made redundant to increase the self-esteem and confidence of children also suffering from vitiligo.

Stanganelli has confessed he had considered giving up as it wasn’t an easy task. He explains,

"This isn’t an activity that would suit everyone since it can cause calluses on the fingers."

However, after 5 days of perseverance, Stanganelli saw himself successfully crocheting doll number one. 'Vitilinda', a doll with uneven skin and pretty spots was born.

Knowing that someone values and owns his pieces of art inspire Stanganelli to develop his skills daily. During interviews, Stanganelli always shares his empowering message, “The spots I have are beautiful. What hurts me are the flaws in people’s characters.”

What had once developed as a hobby to keep healthy and active after being made redundant has turned into Stanganelli improving the self-esteem of the little ones who live with vitiligo.

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