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From Dish Washer to Millionaire - Ethiopian Refugee Achieves The American Dream

From working alongside his 13 siblings in Ethiopia on a family farm to a school teacher, Tashitaa Tufaa first arrived to Minneapolis in 1992 as a refugee, working as a dish washer at Hilton Hotel earning $5.65 per hr whilst earning a master's degree in political science and international relations.

From 1 bus to approx. 300 buses

Fast forward to 2017, Tufaa is the proud owner and president of an incredibly successful multimillion-dollar bus company - 'Metropolitan Transportation Network Inc.', with over 300 employees, transporting 15,000 school children across Minnesota cities. It gets better, due to the success of his thriving business, 'Metropolitan Transportation Network Inc.', has relocated to a larger operations centre.

Tufaa says, "I do not believe in giving up. To start a business, you need to face challenges. You cannot start a business if there is luxury."

There is no limit to what you can do. Be persistent. Be determined. Be patient. The road to success isn't going to be easy, however it is surely going to be worth it!

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