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Introducing Madison Jaye, The International Media Maven







I recently had the privilege to interview the International Media Maven, Madison Jaye. Madison runs MadisonJaye.com with a team of magnificent & inspirational ladies working beside her. She’s out for global domination!

Dominique Campbell: Hi Madison! Thank you for interviewing with me. So, what’s your gut feeling about 2019?

Madison Jaye: Hi Dom! Thank you for interviewing me! So happy about this! To answer your question, 2019 is the year that God has been building me for. I’m excited, nervous, scared, confused, & grateful all at the same time. When it comes to my gut feeling & what my solar plexus chakra is telling me about 2019 is that it’s going to be so big that my human mind cannot even begin to comprehend the blessings that God has, not just for me but blessings for humanity.

Our world is about to evolve globally. There's a huge shift that is occurring right now and everyone can feel it.

Everyone on my team as well as everyone around me. Soon the world will fill the reflection of God’s grace. That is what my gut tells me. It’s so amazing it makes me nauseous out of nervousness.

Dominique: What are a few of your brand’s main focuses for 2019?

Madison: The Primary focus of the Madison Jaye brand this year is to premier a global shift into the world in to creating general generational wealth for themselves. When I say generational wealth, I mean spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, & emotionally. Wealth does not come in the form of financial gains & that’s what a lot of people misinterpret. The highest form of currency is spiritual wealth connecting to your divine purpose in your divine happiness. Once you’ve connected, everything else will literally manifest into positions of power so that you can create the other steps of wealth. As far as physical goals for the brand, first the podcasts, then the book, then the world tour, expanding the global lifestyle blog, & finally wrapping up the year with the TV show.

Dominique: Do you have any goals as far as the brand? What’s your target audience?

Madison: I love how question three feeds off of question two. To elaborate, more on the physical goals for the brand, as stated above, first the podcast, the book, the world tour, expanding the global lifestyle blog & lastly, wrapping up the year with my TV show. Every successful person has one million things on their plate at once. The key is not to pretend that chaos doesn’t exist but to create organisation in the midst of the chaos. I have so much going on. I’m a huge fan of strategy, structure, timing, & having an amazingly dope team because you can’t do it by yourself. Here’s the order of all of the projects so everyone can be on the lookout. January 3rd, The Madison Jaye Show Podcast, season 3 “The Purple Print” is going to premier. January 12th, my third book “How to eat Like a Chakra Goddess: A Beginner’s Guideline to Healing your Body’s Alignment with Food”. February 1st, we’ll be accepting new bloggers to my global lifestyle blog in all divisions. May 2019, the world tour begins. Fall 2019, filming begins for my TV show. Lastly, there’s 1,000 more little secrets scattered throughout the year, but I have to have you guys anticipating. I can’t give you guys all the jewels.







Dominique: Now, let’s get back on track. How did you even get into spiritual services?

Madison: Honestly, spiritual services got into me. I truly believe that our purpose is embedded in us when we first come to the reality that we all have divine missions that we are here to fulfill. We look at where we connect the spiritual dots. We often look at the tangibles, things we can only see. As a child, I was very super nurturing & I was also very talkative. My grandmother had a song called “you talk too much” that she made specifically for me, and everytime I would go on & on she would begin to sing the song, which was my cue to know that I was talking a lot. As for spirituality, I’ve always been tapped into other dimensions. I was a sleep walker as a child. Looking back, I’d always interpret my family members’ dreams as well, even down to me having epilepsy. I realised that it has a lot to do with the realm of traveling in & out of dimensions. Honestly, it’s always been there, it’s something I had to enhance & unlock.

Truth is we all have spiritual gifts. It’s about how deep you’re willing to go to heal & grab ahold of them.

I’m an oracle meaning I can tap into all. I can also assist with other people identifying & unlocking their gifts. To answer the question, being myself & doing what I do organically.

Dominique: What spiritual services do you offer?

Madison: I offer all services. I specialise in soul journey guiding & spiritual healing with foods. Also, practices & chakras.

Dominique: What are the topics for Season 3 of The Madison Jaye Show?

Madison: Exclusively for The Davi Magazine, here are the spiritual topics for The Purple Print, Season 3. ‘The different energetic relationships that will enter your life in a lifetime. ‘The Importance of traveling for spiritual healing, essentially how to manifest traveling for free, How to find your soul’s mission/ unlocking your spiritual gifts and accepting your organic self. The divine onesies of owning your sexuality. Chakra healing with foods. The last thing you have to stay tuned for. Yes! I almost forgot to mention, Amera La Negra is on episode one & Davida D from MTV is on the world tour. You just have to follow my pages for special reveals along the way.

Dominique: You recently did a photoshoot for the new year, what was this photoshoot inspired by?

Madison: This photoshoot is inspired by the Nigerian goddess of love & abundance, Oshun. I will be calling on the energy of the divine goddess this season of my podcast to assist me with the universal power. Here’s a bit about Oshun. Several myths exist concerning Oshun & her significance as a Yoruba deity. In most Yoruba stories, Oshun is generally depicted as the protector, savior, or nurturer of humanity. Oshun has also been described as the maintainer of spiritual balance or mother of sweet things. One central figure in the creation of human beings.

A special thank you to Travis Weekes of Driven Society who inspired 'Eat Like A Chakra Goddess'.

You can keep up-to-date with Madison at MadisonJaye.com and the 2019 World Tour.

Want to learn more on how you can increase your Spirituality? Listen to The Madison Jaye Show Podcast, season 3 “The Purple Print” premiering on iTunes on January 3rd, and you can purchase Madison’s third book “How to eat Like a Chakra Goddess: A Beginner’s Guideline to Healing your Body’s Alignment with Food” due to release January 12th.

How do you aim to increase your spirituality this 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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