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Meet Nahla-Rose: The Eight-year-old Providing UK With a Solution for PPE Shortages


With the ongoing issue of personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages faced by front liners including NHS staff and other essential healthcare workers, at just eight-years-old, inspirational Nahla-Rose Barlett-Vanderpuye has decided to take matters into her own hands.

Helping to combat the shortage issue, Nahla-Rose has decided to use her time charitably while in lockdown by making PPE using a family-owned 3D printer, creating visors for staff, inscribed with the positive message: 'you are all doing a great service: Love Nahla-Rose Age 8,' to help encourage those on the frontline.

Following further media coverage, she has received plenty of requests for PPE from numerous key workers as far as Warrington, already successfully managing to provide PPE to 7 separate hospitals, medical centres, care homes and has now gone on to order additional equipment to speed up the production process. 

A family excited to make PPE masks for our healthcare workers "as long as they can", we thank families and kind-hearted spirited people like Nahla-Rose contributing to making a positive change in the world during these crucial times. 

You can support Nahla-Rose and family by donating here

At just eight-years-old, we can only imagine what Nahla-Rose will be creating a few years from now!

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