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Single Dad Adopts Abandoned Teen After Hearing His Heartbreaking Story


Over the past few years, Single Dad, Peter Mutabazi, 37, has fostered and cared for 12 kids, aged two to eleven years. One child stood out.

Abandoned by his birth parents at two years old, then by his foster family after a decade at a hospital, Anthony, 13, was taken in by Peter after hearing his heartbreaking story. The foster dad and son duo started to form a great bond and what initially was meant to be a weekend stay turned lifelong following Peter's decision to officially adopt his foster son.

"Knowing there were kids in my community

that needed homes was a no brainer."

says Peter.

What melted Anthony's heart was Peter initially referring to Anthony as 'sir' quickly asked if he could call him 'dad'.

Encouraging others to foster and adopt, Peter couldn’t be any more pleased with his adoption decision describing Anthony as "an amazing kid who loves his dad and enjoys every minute together, smart and doing well in school."

On fostering and adoption, Peter says,

"make it more about the child, embrace where they come from, love them with all their issues, create space for them to feel safe and loved.

Be prepared to know from them and be willing to change yourself first."

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