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Seventy-year-old Fashion Designer Vera Wang Shares Age-defying Photos


In what would have been her Met Ball 2020 dress, seventy-year-old Vera Wang, best-known for her stunning bridal gowns, amazed social media users with age-defying photos.

Passing time while keeping her fans updated during the coronavirus pandemic, Wang followed her Met Ball post with a photo sporting a crop top and shorts with toned abs, leaving Instagram users expressing their amazement and questioning her secret to maintaining an ageless appearance in her seventies. 

One Instagram user wrote: "I hope to look this youthful and happy when I'm 70," another, "I'm still shocked that you are 70. You literally look younger than my mother and she is like 25 years younger than you. And btw you look great 😊."

When asked if she could design a skincare routine, the American star/former professional skater and mother of two grown-up daughters, posted a meme of a dachshund dog with cucumber slices on its eyes with the caption, "relax, healing, chilling."

We're guessing this in addition to having great genetics just may be the secret to Wang remaining youthful and glowing when she isn't at work.

Although there's nothing wrong with ageing and women should be embraced as they are wrinkles and all, Wang, please take us to the fountain of youth so we can also stay forever young...

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