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The Global Platform Celebrating Diversity Whilst Making an Impact

August 20, 2019



Successfully drawing in mega crowds from around the world, House of iKONS, the global brand celebrated for its diverse range of emerging designers, is set to push diversity and inclusion to the forefront for their 5th year running.




 Pictured: House of iKons, Spring/Summer 2020 London Fashion Week Off Schedule. 



 A Runway Reflecting Our Reality


Celebrating both fashion and diversity, House of iKONS 5th Anniversary Special DURING London Fashion Week has already inspired creativity and innovation within the fashion industry with many reputable brands following suit.  


Associated with the World Fashion Council and spear heading its designers as the next big icons, many designers have gone on to work with major celebrities from Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, JLo, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears to Tyra Banks to name just a few.



              Paris Hilton at Cannes 2014 Outfit Designed by Rocky Gathercole


As well as supporting new emerging fashion creatives, House of iKONS supports emerging music artists giving them a platform to perform, providing exposure via events both abroad and here in London. 


When we think of the fashion industry, the first thing that comes to mind is creativity, boundary pushing and positive change. However, 2019 saw a turn for the worst with a number of racially charged scandals involving brands from Gucci, Prada, to Dolce & Gabbana, further fueling the need for diversity.


                         The Gucci woollen sweater that sparked public outrage.


From decades of primarily using young, 5' 9"and above, largely white models, the need for diversity in the fashion world has become undeniable. 


House of iKons clearly despises ‘tokenism’, (an industry practice whereby designers fill diversity quotas, hiring small numbers of under-represented individuals from groups alluding the appearance of equality in fashion). 



Commenting on diversity within the fashion industry, Savita Kaye, CEO of House of iKONs says,


"We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for all regardless of ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the here and now!


                         Pictured: Savita Kaye, CEO of House of iKons.


We will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes. We are still a small drop in this big ocean, however we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, wherever you are, from around the world."







Having been aired and viewed by over 300 million viewers worldwide via BBC World, House of iKons  the first Fashion House featuring robots on the runway in United Kingdom, has platformed one of the youngest designers of just 13 years of age, 'Designed by Josh' who has grabbed the media's attention globally. The Fashion House continues to show the best in creativity around the world During prestigious London Fashion Week; pushing boundaries to the next level.




This season the most expensive dress in the world, 'designed by Josh', retailing at £50 million will be showcased and worn by the beautiful International Model and Actress herself, Kiera Chaplin. Additionally, 'House of iKons' continues to support children's fashion from around the world by showcasing iconic children's designers platformed similar to women's and men's wear; the little iKonic models have gained global media and press exposure leading these little iKons from the runway to projects on TV and Film.



                             CREDIT: Designed by JOSH.



In Association with World Fashion Council and Sponsored by Designed by Josh, Den Creatives, Mozafarian, & Girl Meets Brush, be prepared to witness an amazing event filled with celebrated designers and diverse #iKons from around the world. 


The House of iKons 5th Anniversary Special DURING London Fashion Week 2020 show Celebrating fashion and diversity runs from Saturday, 14 – Sunday, 15 September at Hilton London Metropole. You can purchase your tickets here.










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