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House of iKons A/W 2019 During London Fashion Week: The Davi Magazine Verdict


From Boutique style with a funky New Orleans edge to an Avant Garde wearable art collection, the autumn/winter 2019, House of Ikons During London Fashion show, swept us away with innovation and worldwide inspiration. Here’s our verdict on a day filled with energising runway couture.







Che Aranjuez, designer of the high fashion brand created with affordable best quality clothes, has taken the London Fashion scene by storm. A humble woman from the Philippines, she simply states she, “is a designer with a business and not craving stardom, she is all about the clients and making sure her designs are perfect, the clients are happy”, and of course, her staff are paid.


                                        CREDIT JOE MAHER FOR ARANJUEZ


A mother of two, wife and designer, she is an inspiration to not only the people of her home province, but to women worldwide that you can pursue your fashion designer dreams.


Creating clothing is not only Aranjuez’s passion, it is a necessity, making her a worldwide acclaim and sensation within the House of icons.








A Renee Fashion 


A. Renee offers a unique fashion experience while empowering women with their custom clothing.  With influences dating back to the 40s and 50s and a French Bohemian accent, designer and owner Ashleigh Renee Holmes says, “Fashion and style are different and our brand shows both. We bring fashion that allows you to be able to put your own stylish spin on it. We love individuality and the ability for people to show their personalities and beauty through our garments."


                                             CREDIT JOE MAHER FOR A RENEE FASHION






NanaLola Couture


‘Dedicated to making custom clothing for the every day Model in you’, the NanaLola Couture fashion line mixes classic style with modern ideals.


Birthed through heartache, love, support, determination and the creation of joy, the couture line, which had once been known as ‘NanaLola’, has been exhibited in DC, California, New York City, London and Scotland. Although showcasing a very classic and timeless style, NanaLola Couture is sassy and able to be worn by everyone, with people of all walks of life (from Women, Children, Men, Thick, Thin, Tall and Short) strutting on the runway – whilst looking flamboyantly fresh.



                                       CREDIT JOE MAHER FOR NANA LOLA COUTURE







Chavez Couture, the Canadian sensation design house is an innovator in footwear and women’s clothing. An Avant Garde wearable art collection standing out from the crowd, it has a level of eccentricity that is second to none.




Founded by International Fashion Designer – Antonio Chavez, with a goal to redefine the fashion industry in the areas of innovation and design ingenuity; pushing the boundaries of unconventional fashion with daring designs shimmering and glittering with crystals, gems, and diamonds – this collection combined with accessories, further compliments the overall aesthetic to achieve the perfect fusion of artistic wearable practicality.




Kitu Kali


Kitu Kali source traditional fabrics inspired from all over Africa. Recycling Kenyan materials for lining and carefully crafting each fashionably unique shoe from scratch, Kitu Kali’s designs are produced in limited batches due to the availability of fabrics, ensuring their shoes are always fresh. They celebrate African culture and oppose the fast fashion culture.


                                         CREDIT KITU KALU


To round the House of iKons A/W 2019 collections off, House of iKons CEO Savita Kaye says: “This season we wanted to highlight beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of ethnicity, size and shape; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the here and now.


“Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes…

we are still a small drop in this big ocean… But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, wherever you are, from around the world.”


In a fashion world where diversity is yet to be fully embraced and with ambitions of being known globally for launching emerging designers, the future for ‘House of Ikons’ looks big, bold and bright.


#BeYourSelf #LoveYourSelf #BeYourOwniKon #HouseofiKons 



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