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Fashion Entrepreneur Howey Don Knows The Importance of Hard Work

Looking for some Autumn inspiration? We got you covered! Save the date this Monday 5th November, and join us during our meeting with the London-based Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Howeydon.

Currently a proud father of an adorable 8-year-old son, Howey ditched our everbuzzing city of London to move to a slightly more cooled out Edinburgh. If you ever go up to this lovely Scottish city, you can probably spot him enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere around Grassmarket or wandering around in the labyrinth of narrow streets full of quirky little shops around the castle hill. Although originally from Nigeria, he grew up in London, and the maverick, offbeat spirit of it’s motley streets surely helped to shape his individual style.

Having built a fanbase of over 30K followers, Howey definitely belongs to the people who have a love for all things inspiration and what’s trending in the fashion world. With a fashion and luxury résumé ranging from walking the runways in some of Europe’s hottest fashion capitals and honoured to work with some of the biggest names in haute couture world, Howey had a chance to soak up with exquisite taste and impeccable intuition.

On his blog, he describes his main goal as sharing his individuality and interest in fashion, lifestyle and fitness. He gets his inspiration from many sources, often looking up to luxury fashion houses and high-street fashion but also following the up and coming designers, whilst balancing between minimalist and extravagant in both, his lifestyle and fashion. He has embraced the style of a metrosexual gentleman and you can find many posts promoting various beauty treatments for men in his feed. As everyone’s favourite New Girl character Schmidt put it, “Manhood today is about exfoliation, cheese courses, emotional honesty, and Paxil” and Howey certainly got the first part right! Whether you agree with this claim or not, you can certainly get behind Howey’s blog main message:

"own who you are, embrace yourself and don’t be afraid to show it to the others!"

“At the end of the day”, says Howey, “it’s all about striking the right balance and being the best version of yourself”.

Howey joined The Davi Team Behind The Scenes of 'The Rebecca Davi Show' where he spoke of the importance of ‘Hard Work’. For pumpkins and more inspiration, you can find out exactly what happened here.

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