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How To Positively Lift Your Mood With The Click Of A Button

October 14, 2019



As depression and anxiety become increasingly normalised, celebrities are becoming more and more open in sharing how they have managed their mental health breaking the mental health taboo.


From the legendary Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey revealing to 'Access Hollywood' how she was on verge of a nervous breakdown whilst filming ' Butler', to Singer/Songwriter Adele admitting “I have anxiety attacks, constant panicking on stage, my heart feels like it’s going to explode because I never feel like I’m going to deliver, ever", mental health illness is on a rise and is becoming a growing concern. 


According to the Mental Health Organisation, Depression is the predominant mental disorder worldwide causing people to experience low moods, low energy, poor concentration, feelings of low self-worth or guilt, and loss of pleasure or interest. 


Although depression and anxiety is twice as common in women than men, according to the NHS, psychological symptoms of depression differ from each individual. Some of the main symptoms include:


feeling tearful 

feeling guilt-ridden 

having low self-esteem  

feeling anxious or worried  

feeling hopeless and helpless 

continuous low mood or sadness 

finding it difficult to make decisions 

not getting any enjoyment out of life 

feeling irritable and intolerant of others  

having no motivation or interest in things, and 

having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself.


In general, depression includes feeling hopeless, sad and losing interest in things you had once enjoyed. 



The Online Service Helping People

Lift Their Mood 



As someone who had been combatting life threatening depression for over 20 years whilst in shear desperation and struggling to get help, Jon felt it was important to invent something to not only help himself, but over tens of thousands of users. The first user breakthrough website was created offering a unique way on mood management and positive mental health. It was called Moodscope. 



Moodscope, the free online self-help therapeutic tool already known to its users as the ongoing adjust to therapy has three main features. First, it enables the user to rate their mood with a graph provided for the user to view over time. Second, it helps the user to identify the potential influences on their mood through personal annotations, and, third, it allows users to nominate 'buddies' who automatically receive mood rating notifications to provide social support. A method commonly used in psychological treatments for depression and anxiety, moodscope has been proven to be an effective ongoing progress to successfully measure and lift peoples mood. 


Visiting the Moodscope website, the assessment simply involves signing in and rating your mood through the selection of the extent to which each of 20 interactive mood-adjective playing cards describes your current mood. 



What Makes Moodscope So Special



Not only does the unique online service positively lift and manage your mood, the Moodscope online empathetic community inform and support each other by sharing experiences, related comments, while receiving authentically honest insights. The quick and easy daily test allows users to become self-aware, discover what triggers their ups and downs, receive daily emails written by users and available for all members to see. 


With research highlighting positive change in mood occurring within the first 2 weeks of regular usage and improving users mood 60% from where they start, you have only got to sign up to the Moodscope site to reap the free mood lifting benefits. 


You can begin lifting up your mood today by signing up for free here

You can listen to the story behind Moodscope and how the online service can positively lift your mood here on Spotify Podcast.






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