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empowering            people around the world

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House of iKons Goes Digital for Autumn/Winter 2020


Pulling in over 1,000 attendees per day from high net worth individuals to buyers, boutiques and department stores, when thinking of fashion, diversity, innovation, House of iKons is the first brand to come to mind.

With designers gracing the stage worldwide, designing wardrobes for feature films in addition to working with celebrities from the likes of Jlo, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, to name just a few, House of iKons continues to bring international designers to the forefront.

September 2016 saw House of iKons as the only fashion house worldwide dedicating their London Fashion Week show to the tragic passing of the great legend 'Prince' with support of Prince's Tribute team flying in miles to witness the show.

In 2018, we witnessed a storm sparked by Honee's 'Robots on the Runway,' watched by over 350 million viewers worldwide via BBC World and BBC Minute and in February 2020, international designers from as far as Thailand and LA as well as emerging British designers graced the catwalk. With 42 designers under one roof in one day exhibiting couture from around the world, to say the House of iKons London Fashion Week show was a huge success would be an understatement. 

Joining forces with various TV channels and digital platforms, with further exposure reaching over 400 million viewers right across the globe, House of iKons, named as one of the 'Top Six Innovative Voices Disrupting the Fashion World,' latest collaboration with USA Reality TV show ‘Rising Fashion’ is set to air with Amazon Prime TV later this year.

The year of uncertainty has seen many industries having to adapt from having a buzz of the audience (from live shows) to a digital platform. The fashion industry has been no different. This year we will be witnessing House of iKons showcasing their designer's striking creations during a digital show, highlighting fashion, creativity, innovation and diversity for everyone regardless of colour, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size and age. 

The theme of the prestigious House of iKons London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020 show, is “An intimate insight into the world of iKons” drawing the global audience into the world of creatives while focusing on the creative process and 'labour of love' behind the scenes. 

CEO and Founder, Savita Kaye says, ‘All industries are going through major changes, restructures. Consumers may not have the high disposable incomes that they are used too to purchase high-end designer brands (as the big brands are feeling the pinch too!) But one thing I do know, people around the world still want to look good in what they wear.

" I have stated this time and time again, that fashion plays a big part in our mental health.

If we look good, we feel good. Our confidence increases and there is a positive impact on our personal and professional lives."

I truly believe that the silver lining from this pandemic that the emerging creatives will do well. As consumers will still want to buy beautiful fashionable pieces, which are sustainable, unique and affordable. Its time for our iKons to be noticed and start taking over the market. They will become profitable and established businesses’.

Designers featured on the digital platforms will also be exhibiting at the live shows in 2021. Additionally, a few iKonic designers will return speaking on their journey from the House of iKons platform to their amazing successes today.

The House of iKons 2020 Autumn/Winter digital show presented by TV personality and host Johnny Pach will have presentations from the Team, Hair & Makeup, Models, Photographers and Sponsors with a grand opening by 'Sigrun' and grand closure from 'Honee'. Ok, if we must! Here's a sneak peek of the innovative schedule below:

House of iKons 2020 Digital Show Full Schedule:

  1. Grand Opening: Sigrun

  2. N8 by Nathan Van De Velde - Graduate Fashion Designer Sponsored by House of iKons 

  3. Girl Meets Brush - Sponsor

  4. iKonic Kids - Be Unique Be You, Korn Taylor, Ethnicroyals, Models Wardrobe 

  5. March Josh Rosales - Director of Media

  6. Joan Madison

  7. Postcode Fashion by Iryna Gavryliv

  8. Taj B Couture

  9. Her Rise Heritage

  10. Lyn Galo

  11. iKonic models 

  12. American Umma

  13. Maurisa Coleman - Second in Charge to the CEO

  14. Ana de Sa

  15. Eye on Fashion

  16. iKonic - Marie Belle Couture, Adriana Ostrowska, Love Collection, Athea Couture

  17. Designs by Vida

  18. Hicks Mistry - International Celebrity Photographer 

  19. The Fashion Life Tour - Sponsor

  20. Mark Gunter - Head of Photography 

  21. The Hidden Beauty of Kurdistan - Represented by Zarya Azadi (Designers: Atelier by Khoshkar Horre, Yade Couture Atelier, Inci Hakbilen, a la Mode & JoJo)

  22. YKJ Fashion House

  23. Honee 

CEO and Founder, Savita Kaye joined Rebecca to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has affected House of iKons, the lack of diversity in the fashion industry, domestic violence in lockdown, plus more. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcast (#001 Savita Kaye).

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