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How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

The information age has seen people go from stacking shelves to self-made millionaires through photo and video sharing platforms.

As the global economy continues to rapidly evolve, more and more individuals are ditching the traditional job for an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

So how can you become a successful entrepreneur? It is not as hard as you think.

✼ Find something you are passionate about rather than something that will just make you an income - this way, you are likely to stick to it

✼ Get a Mentor and become the industry expert (this can take months, at times even years and requires you to perfect your craft)

✼ Define your objectives and target audience - what are their interests? Which social media platform do they use the most? Which age range are they?

✼ Create a product or service around your passion that will help solve a problem for your target audience - you may decide, for example, to offer an ebook, a course or self-publish on Amazon

✼ Measure your key performance indicators - i.e. the things that are working the most, against your objectives

✼ Repeat ‘the things that are working the most’, to maximise your results

✼ Have patience, and,

✼ Invest in yourself and your creativity - read biographies written by successful entrepreneurs (ideally the ones in the industry you are venturing into), attend seminars, expand your knowledge, skills and network, network, network

Peter Thiel, the incredible Co-founder of Paypal and Investor in Facebook reveals in 'Zero to One', one of the best business books for motivating entrepreneurs, the necessities for investing in yourself and entering the thriving scene with a truly original business concept. You can buy your copy on Amazon here.

Investing in yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially, will open a world full of opportunities allowing you to step into your greatest. When you are operating from your greatness, greatness will have no choice but to find you.

Please share how you plan to be a successful entrepreneur this week.

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