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empowering            people around the world

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Five Empowering Survivors Take a Stand by Telling Their Stories of Leaving an Abusive Relationship

With more and more people having to stay at home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, severe forms of domestic violence from physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse has seen an increase worldwide with lockdown restrictions forcing women to be trapped with their abusers.

Deeply rooted in societal inequality, domestic violence a form of repeated gender-based violence is considerably more likely to be experienced by women with higher rates of victimisation and multiple consequences not only harmful to the individual but their family too.

After enduring years of domestic violence, five empowering survivors have decided to take a stand sharing (two novel-style and four) real-life stories through an inspirational anthology on courageously leaving domestic abusive relationships, successfully regaining control, to later surviving and thriving.

Meet the authors of 'I Survived: True Stories Of Domestic Abuse Survivors And Their Courage To Live An Abuse-Free Life For Good'.

Photo: Kinyatta E. Gray, Author, Celebrity Travel Influencer & CEO of FlightsInStilettos

Kinyatta E. Gray Author, Celebrity Travel Influencer & CEO

Kinyatta E. Gray, Celebrity Travel Influencer, Podcaster and Best Selling Author, wrote and published her first book in 2019, a memoir entitled '30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child', also a 2019 sponsor of “Christmas with Carol" hosted by Carol Maraj, mother of musician, Nikki Minaj.

Having aspirations in becoming an author as a result of a heart-gripping moment during her Mother's final moments of life, Kinyatta committed herself in honouring her Mother's legacy by becoming an author, a dream her Mother also wished to attain.

Founder and CEO of celebrities favourite lifestyle brand, 'FlightsInStilettos' inspiring women of all ages to travel while putting their best selves forward and creator of the well-known 'glam girl beach towel', Kinyatta compiled the inspiring domestic violence anthology, a resource she wished she had access to while in an abusive relationship.

Often told that she doesn't look like what she has been through, following an abusive relationship, Kinyatta had spent years developing her self-awareness through prayer along with her strength and courage to fight her way back up. She knows firsthand what it is like to feel hopeless, worthless, beaten down physically, systematically and emotionally and leaving a toxic relationship for good.

" I didn’t want the abuse to be normalised in the lives of my children and I also wanted to feel alive, loved, honoured, respected, valued and cherished in this lifetime,"

says Kinyatta. "My Mother didn’t bring me into this world to be taken out like that," she continued.


Photo: S. R. Cooper, Co-Author

S. R. Cooper, Co-Author

Co-author, Registered Nurse, mentor, Mother, Grandmother, and volunteer for New York cities 'God’s Love We Deliver' and 'the Bowery Mission', S.R Cooper has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and is aware that a positive mind leads to a positive life.

Residing in New York City with Archie, her Rottweiler puppy, S.R Cooper says,

“I later learned through counsel I too was a victim of domestic violence, the emotional kind, as I was a helpless child.”


Kori Jay, Co-Author

From Tampa, FL, Kori Jay, a lady of countless talents, can best be described as resilient and persistent. No matter life’s challenges she's managed to successfully get back up.

A Flight Attendant, Podcaster, Certified Happiness Coach, Mother of three extraordinary boys, and proud founder of 'The Heart n Soul Survivors’ Lounge', a haven for those who have been a victim of Narcissistic Abuse, Jay continues to bring awareness to Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in addition to helping people rediscover happiness while successfully redefining the lives they wish to live.

The host of the 'Heart n Soul Conversations Podcast', Jay can also be found connecting with the world at large changing lives one day and one flight at a time through her weekly travel journey Flight Attendant Vlog series.

"Happiness is an inside job, so strive to be your own kind of magic because happiness

comes from the magic within!"


Photo: Shaneika Davis, Co-Author

Shaneika Davis, Co-Author

Shaneika Davis, a 25-year-old London based Childcare/ Educator with a love for travelling and visiting new restaurants is currently writing her autobiography to encourage others through her journey, sharing how she managed to successfully get through abuse.

Turning her pain into purpose while making people aware they also have the power to survive, Shaneika often reminds herself of her favourite quote,

“The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of

our history and past so that we can

live our dreams.”

~ Oprah Winfrey


Marnitra Knight, Co-Author

At the tender age of 12, poet, spoken word artist and author, Marnitra Knight, was inspired by her mother and English teacher to write.

Having a love for music, Marnitra first began writing lyrics for an album through poetry expressing herself with her clever choice of words. The older Marnitra grew, the more she encouraged herself to evolve her writing prowess using her gift to express her deepest inner thoughts without being judged.

June 2020, saw Marnitra release her first self-published book, 'Vibrational Essence 32 Poetic Reflections', a personal project never intended to be released; however, while listening to her intuition she decided to share her gift with the world. Marnitra lives with the belief that it is her life's mission to be authentic, heal the wounded through her writings while encouraging others to become unapologetic about their truth and share their stories.

“Everyone has a story.

What’s Yours?"


Interested in learning how others were able to successfully break free from abusive relationships and not only survive but thrive? You can take advantage by obtaining your free digital download of 'I Survived: True Stories Of Domestic Abuse Survivors And Their Courage To Live An Abuse-Free Life For Good', which is available for a limited time only, here.

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