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Family Gives Birth to Miracle Triplets After Losing Three Children in a Car Accident

After pain must come bliss.

Lori and Chris Coble experienced a life-changing event when their three children, 4-year-old Emma, 2-year-old Katie and 5-year-old Kyle passed following the collision of the family’s minivan with a big rig tow truck carrying 40,000 pounds of cargo.

Having no recollection of the event due to the impact of the accident, the Coble family were transported to separate hospitals, whilst husband and father Chris Coble awaited family news.

From life-changing news to community support.

One by one, Chris was made aware of the passing of each child as a result of the accident. The Coble's received such great support from the Ladera Ranch community, fundraisers were held with more than 100,000 pink and blue ribbons wrapped around South Orange County trees and light poles and emails came flooding in from people worldwide full of love and support.

Following such news with hopes of saving lives, highlighting and altering the truck driving industries policies, a miracle was about to occur.

6 months later

Promising not to leave and finding strength in one another, the Coble's decided to try for more children using in vitro fertilisation, successfully fertilising three eggs comprising of two girls and a boy, "a sign from above," Lori says. Clearly indicating their kids passing having a significant role in the creation and protection of their brother and sisters. the Coble's had given birth to triplets Ashley, Ellie and Jake 6 months later.

Celebrating their ninth birthday on May 2017, Ashley, Ellie and Jake Coble are aware of what had happened to their older siblings by Lori and Chris ensuring photographs of Emma, Katie and Jake remain around the house, and regular family visits to the cemetery to pay their respects and to remember their loved ones.

Urging others going through what they deem as their 'worst days' to continue and never give up on their fight when things seem unbearable, with love, joy and happiness, miracle babies - Ashley, Ellie and Jake were able to fill Lori and Chris' lives again.


Do you truly believe in miracles? Share the Coble family's story if you do!

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