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Finally, A Boundary-Breaking Body Positive Book Teaching Children to Love Themselves


From TV shows to Fashion Shows, people are being casted with different heights, body shapes and sizes. Brands like House of iKons continue to inspire creativity and innovation within the fashion industry celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, boosting body-positivity and encouraging self-love.

Bringing the body-positivity movement to a brand new audience with an unapologetic message, Body Positive Activists, Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke have decided to target the young with books created for children, promoting self-love.

Her Body Can (Buy it, amazon.com), created by the incredible storytelling duo, is a book of body positivity declarations and poetic self-love geared towards children aged 8 and under, encouraging young girls to love themselves rather than judge themselves, featuring life's lessons for people of all ages.

The very first of its kind, the self-love book makes girls aware that they can do anything no matter their colour, shape, religion or hair type and those appearances are totally irrelevant as we are all beautiful just the way we are.

Further fueling the cultural awareness of diversity, Ady, the creator of the #HerBodyCan hashtag highlighting what bodies can do as opposed to how they look, says,

"The pictures in this book say

loud and clear, 'Everyone is equal."

Developing a book for children representing diversity was especially important to Ady and Katie being non-straight-sized mothers.

"It was really important to us to address specific restrictions that were imposed upon us growing up because of our size, and negate them," says Ady.

"My whole life I heard, 'Don't wear

two-piece bathing suits, don't wear white,

don't wear colour, don't wear crop tops,'

Ady continued, "so we made it a point to have our heroine wear every single thing we were told we couldn't wear because of our size. We want to change that narrative for the next generation of children."

Teaching children to love and accept themselves and others for their differences too, we believe every mother and child can benefit from this boundary-breaking storybook.

Hands down our book of the week! Her Body Can is currently available on Amazon and will soon be at major retailers across the country too.

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